2016 Charity Ball

Congratulations to all our honored guests who participated in the AmCham Kaohsiung 3rd Annual Charity Ball last night. Over 200 guests, forty some performers and fifteen volunteers attended the event. AmCham Board of Directors; Maruyama Milk Fish Farming Governor Midi Wang, Infoweb Tech. Co. Governor 陳志勇, and Kaohsiung Exhibition Center Corporation Governor Johannes F. Steinicke were joined by many other AmCham Kaohsiung members to support this event.
Last night, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we set many records in the Annual AmCham Kaohsiung Charity Ball history. We raised over a million NTD, at a total of 1,190,600 NTD. The money raised included twelve auction items, bringing in a total of 581,500 NTD. The highest bidding item, a painting by Mr. Shen ChinMing was purchased by longtime supporter of AmCham Kaohsiung Annual Charity Ball, Mr. Larry Huang, at 180,000 NTD. The second highest bidding item was a painting by Member Juliana Huang, purchased also by Member Nancy Pai at 120,000 NTD. We sold 321 raffle tickets, also setting a record of raffle tickets sales. All proceeds of the evening will be going towards The Kaohsiung Autism Association and the Kaohsiung Autism Foundation.
A great big thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s Charity Ball become a reality. Good job friends and members of AmCham Kaohsiung!

恭喜所有參與高雄美國商會第三屆慈善晚會的嘉賓。本年度參與人數超過250人 ,其中本會 丸山虱目魚養殖 王宗宏理事,易富網科技股份有限公司 陳志勇理事,高雄展覽館股份有限公司 黎友翰理事 皆出席大力支持當晚活動。昨晚,在同時慶祝美國感恩節的氛圍中,大家一同創下了許多項的新紀錄。本屆活動含餐會一共為「高雄市自閉症協進會」(高雄市自閉症協進會)以及「星星兒社會福利基金會」(星際寶貝-星星兒基金會)募得新台幣1,190,600元。其中拍賣品12項共計募得新台幣581,500元,金額最高的品項由每年都參與活動的黃萬來先生以180,000元購得沈欽銘老師的油彩畫作「香山途中」。次高者由高雄美國商會的會員富泉有限公司白美香董事長以120,000元認購同是本會會員吳燕如女士的畫作。摸彩券售出321張,共募得32,100元。