Goodbye Greg May Mixer

Principal Commercial Officer at AIT/K, Mr. Gregory Harris, will be transferring away from Kaohsiung soon. We are throwing him a farewell party at our upcoming mixer on Thursday May 26th. We welcome you all to join us for a night of great company, beer and food. The event will be held at The 303 Kitchen and Bar’s new venue at the Taroko Park. Seating is limited so RSVP now!

我們敬愛的美國在台協會高雄分處商務組組長,哈國瑞 先生,不久后將要離開高雄了。我們在5/26(四)要舉辦一個歡送趴,歡迎我們所有的朋友們一同來分享這個美好的時光。活動地點選在新的大魯閣草衙道的The 303 Kitchen and Bar。座位有限,請盡早來電報名!